John Gardner at Home


A conversation with Tony Honoré to mark the end of thirty years' teaching.
University of Oxford 13.10.18

Full interview, with Timothy Macklem, discussing Joseph Raz
Tang Prize Foundation 04.11.18

Documentary about Joseph Raz, Tang Prize Laureat
Tang Prize Foundation 04.11.18

Book launch for From Personal Life to Private Law
University of Oxford 11.10.18

'Helen Reece Memorial Seminar'
London School of Economics 03.05.17
Helen died on 26.10.16 | condolences

'What is Legal Pluralism?'
Osgoode Hall Law School 08.05.13

'Corrective Justice, Corrected'
University of Girona 17.12.12
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University of Girona 17.12.12

'The Electrician's Tale'
University College Cork 29.04.10

'Discrimination: the Good, the Bad, and the Wrongful'
Aristotelian Society meeting 28.07.13

'The Rule of Law v the Rule of Man'
BBC Radio 4 Analysis 28.07.13

'Constitutions' podcast
Philosophy Bites 17.03.13

'The Morality of Policing'
Radio New Zealand 31.03.10

'Reasonableness' lecture
University of Auckland, 23.03.10

'Can There be a Written Constitution?'
University of Girona 14.12.09

'Is there a Positivist Theory of Law?'
University of Oxford 13.01.08
other talks from the same meeting

'Punishing for Bad Luck'
University of Oxford 04.06.08
other talks from the same meeting