John Gardner at Home

Memories from Lucia Zedner

Dear Jenny,

What a brave email you have written. I cannot imagine the courage it has taken you to do so – it is so typical of you to be concerned for the feelings of others and to write with such compassion and honesty. Your capacity to manage humour and to find positive things to say even at the very worst of times is amazing. You are truly a star.

The photos are lovely. John looks so much his old self – even a younger version of himself – surrounded by your wonderful children and by all his students and colleagues. It is obvious they all adore him and I hope the great raft of love, affection and huge admiration for you both felt by everyone around you will help to buoy you through.

I worked out it is now well over 30 years since I first met John when he was a graduate student. He was terrifyingly brilliant then and has continued to dazzle us all ever since but – most unusually for academia - in the most thoughtful, considerate and kindly way. It is no wonder you two got together – you are a perfect match! I’m getting sentimental so I’ll stop.

Big hugs – and a very gentle hug for John.

All my love,

Lucia xxx