John Gardner at Home

Memories from Emily Kidd White

My dear JBG,

I love you very much. I am thinking of you and your family.

I remember the first day that I met you, years ago now. It was at Osgoode Hall, and it was my first ever conference. We were in the coffee line and I made a bad joke and you laughed, and made a better joke. And it felt like we jumped into a conversation that had already been going for twenty years. And then you gave your keynote, and I remember being astounded.

And then you came to hear me deliver my ever first paper, and you offered up beautiful comments (which little grad student could have ever deserved the privilege of you in the audience?), and then sent me your paper, which blew me away, and has inspired me ever since.

I’ve no idea how I got to be so lucky to be your friend. You are unspeakably dear to me.