John Gardner at Home

Memories from Ernest Weinrib

Dear John,

I have heard with great sadness that you are not well. Since I am unlikely to see you in person over the next while, I wanted at least to let you know how much I have appreciated and learned from your scholarship. It has been twenty-five years since we first met at a conference in London. Over that period I have also learned that your writing always repays continuous re-reading. Even when I disagreed, I found that your writing was illuminating, elegant and subtle—and always a pleasure to engage. Above all, you made it fun to think seriously about the law. And even when unconvinced by your criticism, it forced me to rethink what I had said and whether I had said it in the best way. In that respect you have been a perfect colleague, and I wanted to express to you my thanks and appreciation of the many ways in which you have enriched and are continuing to enrich our joint academic enterprise.

With the very best wishes,