John Gardner at Home

Memories from Kevin Toh

Dear John,

I want to thank you not only for all your wonderful work, but more personally for how you treated me through all these years. I can’t believe that I’ve been in the profession almost 15 years now. You were there at the very beginning when I was hatched as a legal philosopher — in Austin, in 2005. I hope I have grown since then, but you took me seriously and engaged with me from the very beginning. That was a gift. A moment that I fondly recall happened in San Diego, and you probably don’t remember it. I approached you during a break to talk about a question you had asked in the preceding session. All of sudden, the conversation degenerated into both of us talking about how much we DON’T know about causation! Swapping of avowals of ignorance! Such exchanges will be sadly missed, and I very much regret that I didn’t get to know you better.