John Gardner at Home

Memories from Ruta Teisman

You've asked for stories to share with John. One of my favorite times was the weekend I met John. I was visiting you in Oxford, and you had said a "friend" was coming to bring your children to the train to meet you after work. It took only seconds to see that your "friend" was a very special person to both you and to Henrik and Annika. I was instantly charmed by his cheerfulness, his energy, and his wit! And over the weekend, I found what a fantastic blend of qualities he had - brilliant intelligence, enthusiasm for his work, genuine nurturing care, great sense of humor, and on top of it all, a mix of down-to-earth humbleness and a contagious happiness that he wanted to share. I remember our tour of his college apartment, the library, the pub near your home, and his joyously whipping up a great dinner so you and I could visit. I knew then he was a "keeper"!! He was like that again at your wedding weekend, and last summer at your birthday party!! No wonder you have both lived with great joy being together, and sharing your love of life and work and family and friends.