John Gardner at Home

Tribute from Findlay Stark

We have only ever met (briefly) at the odd conference/workshop, but I wanted to pass on my admiration of your work, and of your good humour whenever our paths have crossed. We first met (you won’t remember this) in Edinburgh when I was a PhD student. You had just presented the first ‘What is Tort Law for?’ paper, and we were in a pub near Old College. You asked what I was working on. When I responded that it was criminal law, you warned me off that path strongly, because (to paraphrase) it was impossible to ever be confident of the rectitude of answers. I didn't listen (though the ever-present uncertainty about answers is real!), but I have always found Gardner on crime (and, when I’ve looked, tort) to be an invaluable resource when thinking about a topic.

With respect, and the best possible wishes,