John Gardner at Home

Memories from David Plunkett

Dear John,

Getting to know you over the last few years has been a really positive part of my life. I really admire your work. I also really admire the way you approach intellectual activity, as well as your life in general.

You have set a really positive example to so many of us in the field on many fronts.

It's been awesome getting to talk to you, and your support has meant a great deal to me.

Among other things, your helping to bring me over to Oxford as a Hart Fellow had a huge impact on me. It was such a positive experience getting to be at Oxford for that time, and having long conversations with you about so many different things.

I had been thinking that I would be able to continue to get to know you for decades still, and had been looking forward to unfolding conversations over a wide range of topics, both in philosophy and beyond.

It just seems so unfair that things are turning out this way for you. It's going to be a huge loss for all of us when you are gone.

I really want to find a way to see you again in Oxford again sometime soon, while you are in as good of health as possible.

I'm sure many people are thinking the same thing.

Take care of yourself, and hope you enjoy life to the fullest in the time you have.

Hope to see you again soon.