John Gardner at Home

Memories from Robert Mullens

Dear John,

Greetings from Auckland, where I have been visiting the new NZ Centre for Legal Theory. I just read the awful news from Jenny, and I thought I would send you a note. When I got the email I'd just been talking about you with Nicole Roughan. We were talking about how great it was to have you out in Australia last year, and I was reflecting that you'd been an enthusiastic visitor to Auckland in the past. (In spite of living a three-hour flight away for most of my life, I have never spent any time here, so I am seeing the city through a stranger's eyes.)

I had to read Jenny's email several times before my shock could resolve into sadness. It upsets my sense of order that something like this is happening to you. I know that desert has nothing to do with these things, but I can't shake the feeling that you don't deserve this. I hope you are taking care of yourself, and that you aren't finding the treatment too exhausting. I also hope you're finding the time to watch some great movies. I am sure you have had lots of offers of help, but if there is anything you need, please let me know. I would be delighted to read anything you have been working on, if that would be helpful, but equally happy to leave you alone. In the meantime, I promise I will keep sending you emails.

I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts,