John Gardner at Home

Tribute from Kim Ferzan

Dear John,

We miss you here at the ALPC. I had already had my questions for you:

1. ‘Corrective justice is neither corrective nor just.’ Discuss.

2. If I promise you ‘I will Φ but if I don’t Φ, I will not do the next best thing,’ and I don’t Φ, what ought I to do?

3. Where can I get a black t-shirt like that? (Sorry, it never gets old.)

In all seriousness, thanks for all you have done to make the ALPC such a philosophical feast. It was great getting to know you better in Oslo, as we walked around with Jenny and Lars and I peppered you with questions at dinner.

I think you’d be quite happy with this year’s event . The papers are rigorous and the questions are probing and charitable. It is as if there are 50 John Gardners in the room.

All best wishes, my friend.

Love, Kim