John Gardner at Home

Memories from Angela Chung

Dear Jenny

Bob and Louise at No. 69 emailed me today about John.

I am very saddened to hear the news. They mentioned that Gislene ask them to share the news. Lisa gave me your email address. I hope it is ok to email you.

I have known you and your family since you moved in a number of years ago. Living pretty much directly opposite you for a few years, I would see the comings and goings of your family. And loved having you as neighbours. You made me feel safe and happy in our little community. The first time I saw John was when he was trying to chat to your daughter who was having a 'moment' sitting outside your front door, not long after you all moved in. She was probably only about 4 or 5yrs old maybe? and (possibly!) sulking. He was trying to cheer her up over some issue and I thought what a lovely man...but he may have a tough job on his hands!! Turns out, from what I can see, that the children have turned into lovely young people.

Having had chats on and off over the years whilst I lived in Oxford, I always enjoyed hearing his stories. It was really good to hear his view on Finsbury Park/Stroud Green Road area of London. I had not realised he had lived there many years ago. Neil and I had just moved to the area a few years ago. He told us stories of how seedy Finsbury Park was, and how it has spruced up over the years (I'm pleased to say!!). I always love hearing about the history of places, the seedier the better(!), and so he made me particularly happy to hear about my new home area first hand.

I was in Oxford last summer and caught up with you and John at home. He had just come back from what sounded like a great walk in the countryside and he was looking forward to having a nice drink and being pampered by you and the children. I thought "good for you, that's the way to do it!"

I am sure you will remain pampered by the family and I wish you well.

Much Love