John Gardner at Home

Memories from Andrew Burrows

Dear John,

There is nothing that I can say that can express the depth of my sadness at your news. I have hugely admired the way that you have coped with the illness and I felt so deliriously happy for you at your wonderful party in All Souls that a corner had apparently been turned. I will forever have in my mind the sight of you on that bass guitar and in your kilt. Nothing is lost until it is over and we will all continue to root for you.

You are loved by so many because you are a genuinely great guy. So outstandingly clever (who else can cut through, in a comprehensible way, complex ideas like you) and yet so easy-going and full of optimism and laughter. Your academic legacy will live on for all time. Not bad for a Glasgow lad.

‘May life more perfect in shorter measures be’

Love to Jenny and to you.