John Gardner at Home

Memories from Sarah Bufkin

Dear Jenny,

I’m afraid that we’ve never met, but John Vickers told us to get in touch with you with messages for John. I was so sorry to hear that things have now progressed to end-of-life care.

Please tell John that I am thinking of him and that I will always be grateful for how welcome he made me feel in college during those first few months of my Examination Fellowship. I had been so intimidated by the College and all of the academic heavyweights — John included — among the Fellows. But John always engaged with the younger Fellows with the same degree of generosity, interest, and care that he showed longtime friends. I learned a lot from him. And of course, I loved the sketches John produced during the interminable College SGM conversations about which height the new front gate should be.

Please know that I am thinking of all of y’all and sending lots of warmth your way.

All the best,

Sarah Bufkin