John Gardner at Home

Memories from Noel Bisson

Dear Jenny,

I have been thinking so much about both of you—remembering the day I met John, in June 2006 when I had come to Oxford for a visit and things were a bit in chaos for all of us. What I remember most from that visit, and from later ones, is the way John looked at you. And also the way you looked back. There was such warmth and love in those glances. So much joy and laughter. It was clear to me that you belonged together.

And then I remember learning that you were pregnant, and the joy I felt over becoming Audra’s godmother, and it seemed that all was good and right and so very happy. I remember that visit for her baptism, and sharing that joy with Caroline who was so thrilled to see Annika and Henrik.

I am sending you every good wish, hope, and prayer that I can muster. I cannot fathom how hard this must be for all of you, and want to send every positive ray of light there is.

Sending so much love,